Analytical Training Provider and Method & Development facility for Industries & Academics.
Lead By young , Dynamic & committed professional with experience of analytical services, Pious provides world-class training facilities of all analytical instruments like HPLC, GC , AAS, UVS, IR etc. 
Pious lab has been established as leading unique service provider for Product development, consulting& training to all the industry, academic institution & R&D facilities across globe.
Situated at premier location in India, we have the best of its class infrastructure and technology for training, with time slots booking of any instruments for customers of academic background like research and development . We focus on
providing the best possible solution for all the clients across all the domains. 

Pious provide independent Training to Students & Industry. Pious Labs’s 15-90 day course technical training format provides for maximum learning and interactivity. Away from day-to-day responsibilities, participants are immersed without distraction. Our smaller class size, typically under 20, sets an atmosphere that encourages interaction between participants and instructors through questions, workshops and case studies.
Some Training modules include:
1) Basic Lab Skill Training
2) Good Laboratories Practices
3) Good Documentation Practices
4) Role of Quality Control Department and its function
5) Role of Quality Assurance Department and its function
6) Customer & Regulatory Audits and their requirements & audit compliance.
7) Handling Of Non Conformance in Laboratory (OOT,OOS,OOC)
8) Laboratory Safety
9) Basic Instrumental analysis course ( HPLC, GC, AAS, UV, IR, Small Instrument course) - 30 days each
10) Advance Instrumental Analysis Course (HPLC,GC, GC-HS, AAS,UV,IR,Advance Small Instrument Analysis Course) - 90 days each
11)ISO 17025 
12) Analytical Method Validation Course
13) Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer and Post-Approval Changes
14) Quality Critical Cleaning and Cleaning Validation Processes
15) IQ, OQ, PQ
16) Analytical Method Development
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