Shelf Life
Almost everyone must have noticed the ‘best before,’ ‘mfg date,’ and the ‘expiry date’ on their products. However, do you know how brands or manufacturers actually come up with these dates?
Well, this is where shelf life testing helps the operators to find out and mention the shelf life of the product on labelling for customer information. Let’s understand what this testing is about. 
Shelf life studies play a critical role in the development of new products. They are not only important for meeting the regulatory requirements of labelling the product with an expiry date, best before date, et cetera but play a much larger role in the product quality life-cycle.
We routinely conduct shelf life studies for various industries including:
1. Pharmaceutical products
2. Food products
3. Cosmetic products
4. Home care products
5. Medical devices
6. Herbal medicines
7. Nutraceuticals
8. Ready to eat foods or ingredients in restaurants and fast food chains & so on...
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