Food Testing
Analytical Testing and Validation of Food & Food Products- 
Raw, Processed, Ready to Eat, etc
- Packaged Food 
- Ready to Eat foods. 
- Nutritional Value Testing.
- Dairy Product Testing
- Infant foods 
- Aflatoxin Analysis (B1, B2, G1, G2)
- Stimulant Foods such as Tea, Coffee,Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Bean etc. 
- Meat and Meat Products.
- Nut and Nut Products. 
- Starch and Starch Products.
- Spices and Condiments. 
- Food Product 
- Surface Swabs.
- Bakery and Confectionery Products. 
- Adulteration Testing
- Frozen foods 
- Sea Foods
- Oils and Fats Snacks
- Ready to Eat Foods.
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